$80B will be spent on cloud this year and engineers don’t have a checkout screen!

Engineers, who buy infrastructure via IaC on a daily basis are never told the price up front. It’s always been after money has been spent!

We're looking for more people to join us on our mission to empower engineering teams to use the cloud efficiently and economically. We want everyone to love their cloud bill!

We are a funded, early stage, remote first, seven-person company working in Europe and US. We're backed by Y Combinator and Sequoia Capital - Silicon Valley’s top investors.

We're building with Go, Typescript, and React. We use Terraform and Kubernetes. Don't worry if any of that is new to you. We know you can learn whatever you find interesting. We'll help! Half the fun of a new job is learning new stuff. We have a great network to learn from too, here’s a video of us learning from the founder of GitLab.

Infracost will be great for you if

📸 Our team and their partners at our last Recurring Employee Meetup (REM) in Portugal in April 2023